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Quotes September 2016 - Helen provided a wonderful guided tour of the Austerlitz battle sites over 5+ hours with pickup and drop off in Brno. She is knowledgable and engaged in Moravian history. Quotes
Robert Brommage
American Traveler in Europe

Quotes 2016 Sep We contacted Helena asking her to show us the Moravia wine country. She planned a full and exciting day. Helena is the kind of person you feel you have known forever, like a childhood friend. She was excited to show the wine country and took an interest in what we wanted to see. She set up a tour for us in a chateau, was able to negotiate a better price in a wine cellar and took us through an exciting wine festival. Without her we would not have known where to go and what to see. We were exausted at the end, and certainly satisfied with the day. I would highly recommend Helena's services to anyone looking to go off the beaten path to learn about the Movaria region. Quotes
Mike and Diane W
Action packed day

Quotes 2016 I was visiting Brno for work and wanted to see some of the local area outside of the city. Helena offered a great one day itinerary, taking in some great sights that might be off the beaten track for anyone not familiar with the area. First was the wonderful Baroque church at Krtiny and this was followed by a trip to the Punkva caves, including some astonishing stalagmites/tites and a gondola ride through the water. After lunch, a visit to the delightful Poerta Coeli, and lastly, the Gothic Pernstejn castle. Helena put together a wonderful trip, knew loads of interesting facts about the region and was great company - and she found a terrific place for lunch! I would definitely recommend her for anyone wanting to explore South Moravia. Quotes

Quotes 2015 10 June Dear Helena! Thank you so much for a great day and many experiences :-) You are an amazing guide and a great person. We all enjoyed your company and everything that you showed us. We are back to usuall again but very pelased with the trip. We will definitely stay in touch :-) Thank you for the pictures :-) Best wishes and happy birthday to you tomorrow :-) Hope you will have a nice day! [email protected] Quotes
Cheers, Nicole & co.. from Norway, Dennmark and Azerbajan

Quotes 2015 Dear Helena, I?d like to thank for the great time I had spent with you on last Saturday, visiting several and interesting spots related to the Battle of Austerlitz, there in Brno area. Everything was above my expectations - including the lovely day - and I?d like to emphasize your great professional job in being so kind and dedicated to explain and show me several historical and interesting points related to the tour. Once again, many thanks, and I do hope to have a chance to have other sightseeing organized by you in the near future. Best regards, Rafael Rossetto São Paulo/Brasil [email protected] Quotes
Austerlitz Battlefield

Quotes 2014 May 2014 Helena, We have now been back from our trip to Central Europe for about two weeks - enough time to not only adjust to the time zone, but also to reflect on the trip, our mistakes and our decisions well made. There is no question in our minds that asking you to help guide and drive us around Southern Moravia for a few days was the single BEST decision we made in our entire three week trip through Poland, Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic. Our days spent with you, seeing villages like Bonov and Brtnice, Telc and Trebic, as well as walking in the footsteps of Mahler at Kaliste and Jihlava were wonderful at the time, and only better now in memory. Your historical knowledge of the Moravian countryside and your language skills made the sights we saw and the people we met come alive - from the elderly lady in Bonov, to the farm family in Rasno, to the fisherman outside Dacice. Quotes
Gene and Margaret Pokorny Jaffrey, NH USA
2014 1 May

Quotes 2014 01 May cont. of the previous TESTIMONIALS: Having you guide us this spring taught us a valuable lesson that we intend to follow on all our future travels. Spending time in the big cities like Prague is worth doing, and can be done pretty well by yourself even if one only knows English. But to really experience a country, you must get out of the big cities and find a local, English-speaking guide to help you navigate the smaller towns and villages, where there is truly so much to see and do. If anyone tells us that they are going on a trip to the Czech Republic, we will be sure to recommend that they contact you for help. AND we hope to return to Moravia ourselves in the next few years and once again call on your services. And don\'t forget: if you ever get to the New England region of the States, contact us so we can get together with you and show you a bit of our country. Best wishes to you, Quotes
Gene and Margaret Pokorny Jaffrey, NH USA

Quotes 2013-07-7 I had great time on the tour. The tour guide Monica was the best she was very knowledgable and really knew the area. She not only was able to show me all of the sites for the Austerlitz battlefield but her walking tour through Brno was wonderful. She also is very personable and easy to talk to. In addition due to the railroad construction I couldn't get the train back to Prague from the central station. She helped me get the ticket and showed me where to catch the bus to the right station. I am very glad I did this trip and very glad I chose your service. Thank you, Ravi [email protected] Quotes

Quotes 2012-11-13 From 8 very satisfied Norwegians, thanks Helena. Our daytour to Punkvevni jeskyne (Punkva Caves), the tasty wild pig lunch in Lipuvka and the visit to Cerna Hora Brewery was great. Your personality and your knowledge made our day complete. Quotes

Quotes As foreigners who are currently living in Brno, we cannot say how much this site is needed and appreciated. Over the months Helena has been a great help to us in getting established here in Brno and continues to do so. She really understands what it is like being a foreigner and goes out of her way to help them out. Nathan and Niki Brown Quotes
Niki and Nathan Brown
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