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5 TOUR of BRNO - 2 hour guided tour you might see the following places of interest and more


The best view is from the top, so climb up a hill in the centre of BRNO. The Castle is definitely worth the effort of climbing up to, and it has lots of pretty side paths which you can explore.

It has 4 floors of exhibits-an art gallery, history of the castle and restoration, history about the castle as a prison, and the bottom floor which is the cellars of the prison. If you are short on time, I would recommend starting at the bottom with the cassemats.


 It is located on the top of this hill, known as Petrov, on the presumed site of the former Brno castle (including a chapel) that dates from the 11th and 12th centuries. After the castle`s demise the free-standing Romanesque basilica was rebuilt as a Gothic cathedral in the 13th century, further modified in the 15th and 16th centuries, and converted to the Baroque style in the 18th century. Its current neo-Gothic form dates from the turn of this century. Since 1777 the cathedral has been the seat of the Brno bishopric. The original church crypt from the 12th century is now accessible to visitors.

Inside is beautiful (and free) but it is definitely worth a trip up the stairs (for a small price) to the lookouts to have an amazing view of the city from two sides of the cathedral.


Dating from the early thirteenth-century, the oldest secular building in the city of Brno features a beautiful late-Gothic portal at the foot of its tower, which has an observation gallery open to the public.

 The Old Town Hall is a town landmark / its tall tower and characteristic cupola is visible far off. On the left and right sides of the portal there are figures of arms bearers and burghers, whose shileds bore the emblem of Brno, which city adopted in 1646. Crossing the courtyard we will see two symbols of the city connected to the legends - the Dragon and the Wheel. A big crocodile is hanging down from the ceiling of the arcade of the old townhall of Brno. It was a donation by emperor Mathias Corvinus to the city of Brno in 1608.

The Cabbage Market in winter


Is accesible by tram. In summer and fall enjoy a ferry boat ride to the VEVERI Castle. Great place for swimming, sunbathing, beach volleyball or roller blading.


If you havent seen mummified ( no preservatives used as with Egyptians) corpses then this is worth a visit. An interesting little monastery which holds the remains of mummified nobles and monks which are more than 200 years old. Can be a little disturbing if you havent seen this sort of thing before.



 Or sometimes called "cabagge market".  From the time immemorial this place has hosted regular daily fairs where the people come to buy vegetables, fruit, flowers, etc. The hallmark of the place is the Baroque Parnas Fountain
built between 1690 and 1695. It symbolizes a cave made of natural boulders decorated by allegoric statues that represent three ancient empires - Babylonia, Persia and Greece. The water to this fountain was supplied by the Brno’s podest pipeline from the river Svratka. From 2011 you will be able to visit the unique labyrinth of underground passageways and cellars and their exhibitions.



PRICE for the whole trip:                      EUR 40 / per person for 2 hours

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