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3  LEDNICE - VALTICE chateaux, wine town MIKULOV           and hike in the PALAVA HILLSA FULL DAY TRIP

This trip represents a busy day which combines nature and architecture . You will visit the LEDNICE Chateau and its beautiful French and English park with a unique green house, then the VALTICE Chateau (Both UNESCO Heritage sites, enjoy a short video), visit the National Wine Center where you can sample the best Czech wine awarded many awards, The present Valtice chateau dates to the early 18th century. The Valtice Chateau has its own wine cellars that date from to the 1430s. 

Explore the wine town MIKULOVa pretty little town with a long history. Here you can visit the castle, churches, and the Jewish Quarter.  It lies on what was the main trade route between Vienna and Brno. It was also home to the largest Jewish community in the country for many years. For three centuries, from the 1500s to the 1800s, Mikulov was the seat of the Moravian regional rabbinate. World War II brought a very terrible end to Mikulov's Jewish community. Today Mikulov is Moravia's center for white wine production. where used to be the strongest Jewish community and if you still have energy, possible a hike in the nearby PALAVA HILLS - which is Biosphere Reserve thanks to its unique fauna and flora. 

The full description of this busy trip is in Peggy s BLOG here:

PRICE for the whole trip:                      EUR 130 / per person

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Duration:                                                            full day

Distance from Brno:                                            90 km

Travel by car or a minicoach

Fully escorted with informative commentary

Excluded:                                                            entrance fees


September 2014

From Peggy s BLOG: The PALAVA HILLS  - We then hiked to the Throne formation of limestone cliffs. We wandered past long rows of ripe grapes, even sampled a few as a snack. The warm, dry climate and the unique geology give rise to very unique flora. Up and up we went. The view becoming more dramatic the higher we went. The going for me in places wasn't easy -- ok, slightly terrifying in places -- but oh the climb was worth it. I am so thankful Helena took me up here and kept me going through the rough spots. I got to look out over the glowing white stacks of limestone, markers of the prehistoric inland sea, over the area between Dolni Vestonice and Pavlov and not only was taken back into my own past, as an archeologist, but also the past of all human kind. Here thousands of years ago mammoth hunters lived. Here, between 27,000 and 20,000 years ago, they made art and lots of it. And it was preserved. And we can wonder at the uses to these many artifacts that so show how complex human minds are and always have been. 

 Peggy Kaszas -  [email protected]