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12  Visit to DOLNI KOUNICE Castle -  30 minutes from BRNO

Would you like to spend a night at the castle? Be alone, walk through various castle rooms, enjoy the space or sample local wine at the rebuilt former granary? I drive you to the privately owned DOLNI KOUNICE castle which is only about 22 km southeast of BRNO. There you might admire 2 m thick walls, enjoy the views from the top floor of the palace or just sample the local wine in the former granary. or in a nearby  wine cellar. If you are lucky, you might meet the owner of the castle and go on a tour of the castle. The castle serves as an excellent base for a day trip to the southern Moravia. (I can recommend you with the tips what to do). This castle serves nowadays as a romantic settings for the wedding ceremonies, various events or business parties. 


For more information about the castle - history, castle events, reenactment of the liberation of the castle, or changes throughout the centuries Please read more here.

PRICE for the stay at the castle :                      EUR  120 / for the whole room

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