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Vist to CESKY KRUMLOV with a group of Japanese tourists

              I can drive you in my VW station wagon...my happy dog SAM...

 Welcome to my web pages about Brno and the Southern Moravian region in the Czech Republic.


I was born in Brno and grew up hiking, cycling and skiing in the surrounding countryside. This web site gradually grew out of my acquaintance with ex-pats and visitors for whom I translated the language and local culture and the web predecessor was www.czech4you.com


Having lived and worked 7 years in Canada, (volunteered in JASPER and YOHO NP, Alberta), travelled widely in Europe, Canada, the USA and New Zealand, I understand very well how daunting an unfamiliar culture and language can be at first. So my hope is that I can be a "cultural bridge" and make Brno and the area that I love so much a bit more accessible to you who might otherwise think that the Czech Republic was only Prague. 

Here you can watch a short video about the FEAST celebrated in the southern Moravia, which is rich in folk traditions and what I am proud of in this part of the Czech Republic.


I enjoy travelling, painting and volunteering, creating web pages

In 2015 I compiled a lovely fairytale book for children in English LUMINOUS FAIRYTALES for OUR LITTLE DARLINGS , please help me to market it rather - buy it from Author House Publisher.. Illustrations are done by a friend of mine LUCIE TICHA and here you cam page throught the first pages of this children book designed for kids aged 3 to 7.

I will be happy to meet you in person...

Helena Svedova

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